Pilates vs Yoga - What Class Wins?

When it comes to Pilates vs Yoga, you’ll find pretty vocal supporters on both sides of the fence claiming that one is better than the other, harder than the other, more focused than the other, delivers better results than the other. In fact, if we organised both our Pilates and Yoga classes on the same night, we could probably host the session in a Octagon to find out who was ultimate champion – but we don’t go down that route. Fact of the matter is that the two disciplines are both demanding and beneficial in their own right. In either world, you’re going to challenge yourself and push your body to its limits. Both can make you feel more empowered, focused, or energised. And you’re going to get a personal sense of satisfaction from both Pilates and Yoga.

But you know what else can do all those things? Boxing, hurdling,bull running, rock climbing, quidditch…you get the idea.

Our point is that just because both are healthy and challenging activities requiring strength, flexibility, and stamina, they’rereally not as similar as you might think. As far as which is the better fit for you. Well, that’s going to be up to you to decide. All we can do is dive into afew of the most frequently asked questions regarding the differences between Pilates and Yoga.

Now let’s just get this out in the open from the start: we offer both classes and unfortunately haven’t expanded our horizons to quidditch and bull running, for now anyway. So, we’re obviously going be advocates of both classes.

The difference between Pilates and Yoga

 One thing to keep in mind is that both Yoga and Pilates encompass far more than we could ever begin to summarise in a 781-word blog. So, as you scroll through the advantages of each and the differences between them, take it all with a pinch of salt – you’d have to try both yourself to really understand. Anyway, your experience with Yoga or Pilates is dependent upon your level of comfort, your experience, the instructor’s methodology, and a thousand other variables. In either discipline, you’ll get out of it what you put into it.

Yoga is more of a mindful, thoughtful experience and is often consider it to be more of a spiritual or religious (let’s not get into that)connection as opposed to an exercise. Yoga is designed to give you a calming sense of serenity as opposed to a full-body workout.

On the other hand, Pilates is designed to strengthen and tone your body and make you better and more equipped for a high-energy, active lifestyle if that’s your sort of thing. If you enjoy dancing, playing sports, running marathons, rock climbing, or any other dynamic activity, Pilates can help you get better. After a few sessions, you’re going to look better and feel better. In Pilates, you’re constantly moving and completing reps, so you’re going get your heart rate up and no doubt, you’re going to sweat. If you’re looking for that “Zen-like” atmosphere you get from yoga, you’re not going to find it at Pilates. But if you’re looking to get into shape and push your body to its limits, then Pilates can get you on the right track.

Which is better for stretching Pilates or yoga?

If your end goal is to become more flexible, the truth is that both Pilates and Yoga will get you there; it’s just a matter of how. Yoga is built on static holds or stationary positions that you hold for extended periods of time. These holds are designed to calm the body and improve posture and balance. At Pilates, movements are designed to enhance mental control and endurance. Instead of calming static holds, you’ll push your body with moves and repetitions.

To put it into more direct terms, at the end of a Yoga session, you’ll likely fell a little tired, relaxed and at peace. At the end of a Pilates class, you’ll feel strong and energised. In any case, if flexibility is your primary goal, and you don’t care how you get there, you really can’t go wrong with either Yoga or Pilates.

Which is better yoga or Pilates?

Spoiler alert: we don’t have an answer.

In either class, you’re going to be challenged and you’re going to put your body to the test. So much can be said in favour of Pilates and Yoga that it simply wouldn’t be practical to get into everything right herein this blog. And the truth is, every experience is different. So instead of trying to answer the question in 781 words, why not book a class and find out for yourself?